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  • The Green Deal

    The Green Deal is part of new legislation introduced by the government designed to help tackle the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by helping you make your property more energy efficient.

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    Homeowners in Herts & Essex will benefit from the Green Deal in the following ways:

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About the Green Deal

In 2011 the UK government introduced new legislation into parliament with the continued objective of addressing climate change by reducing the UK’s overall carbon emissions. The Green Deal is designed to help both private individuals and businesses in Hertfordshire, Essex and across the UK reduce their energy bills by making their properties more energy efficient.

The Green Deal equation

As you would expect a large proportion of new The Green Deal legislation revolves around protecting both domestic and commercial interests in terms of getting impartial advice as well as the licensing and regulation of approved ‘Green Deal’ installers.

However, the most important element is centred on how people will pay for future energy efficiency improvements:

Under The Green Deal customers in Hertfordshire, Essex and the UK will no longer pay installers for qualifying energy efficiency improvements – Instead, an extra ‘Green Deal’ payment will be added to their normal energy bills with this being used to pay back the licensed supplier.

The Energy Saving Advice Service

FREE help and advice

For independent, expert advice on saving energy in your home visit the Energy Saving Advice Service website

or call them on 0300 123 1234

How Do I qualify for Green Deal?

Checking if you qualify for The Green Deal is easy. An advice line and website will operate to advise customers on their eligibility and the authorised ‘Green Deal’ suppliers who operate in their area. Alternatively, customers can contact an authorised Green Deal supplier who will carry out an impartial survey. All authorised suppliers will be checked and monitored to ensure that they are complying with a strict Code of Practice.

Latest news

30.03.2012: $200 million for Green Deal Take Up.

£200 million injection into Green Deal Funding announced How cash boost to Green Deal Funding can help you With the recent announcement that the UK Government is to inject a further £200 million into Green Deal funding there hasn’t been a better time to look into how you can benefit from this new initiative. The [...]

30.03.2012: Green Deal Website Introduction.

Introducing our New Green Deal website! AOS Heating outlines how the new Green Deal can help our customers in Hertfordshire & Essex What is The Green Deal? The UK government is proposing new legislation to encourage individuals and businesses to install new energy efficient technologies in their homes or premises. The AOS Heating Green Deal [...]

AOS - Heating services for Hertfordshire & Essex you can trust

AOS Energy Efficient Heating Systems has been providing the very best service to customers in Hertfordshire & Essex since 1984. Together with our sister company, AOS Solar, we are at the forefront of providing energy efficient technologies to both domestic and business premises.

At AOS we have always put the customer’s needs first and this is enshrined in everything that we do. In addition we are committed to investing in our staff development – a continuous and ongoing training programme ensures that each of our engineers has the most up to date skills and knowledge on all aspects of central heating, boiler and energy efficient technology.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Using simply the energy of the ambient air temperature Air Source Heat Pumps can supply all of your hot water and also run a modern, underfloor heating system – even in winter with temperatures as low as -15°C!

  • Typically reduces carbon emissions by an amazing 30% - 50%!
  • Versatile - Can be employed in any size of property
  • Easily qualifies under The Green Deal legislation for energy efficient products

Solar PV and Thermal

Suitable for virtually any home or business premises in Hertfordshire or Essex PV (PhotoVoltaic ) or Thermal solar panels use the latent energy of the sun to produce either useable electrical power or hot water.

  • Save on energy bills – Harness the power of the sun to cut down on your energy bills.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Reap the benefits of The Green Deal by installing these energy efficient units

High efficiency gas boilers

New industry standards have led the drive to supply gas boilers which use their fuel far more efficiently – benefiting you with lower energy bills and the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

  • More for less – Save money by installing a gas boiler with high levels of efficiency. Less fuel equals lower energy bills
  • Qualifies for The Green Deal – Take advantage of the latest government incentives

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